Thursday, July 21, 2011

Working Bento Part2

We actually have the 60th here!

Sadly, it doesn't have anything special... (-_-)
A simple working bento that will help me go through my day tomorrow!

Oishii soooooooooou!!!!

For once, those two are for me!!! Yep, there's no sharing with a friend this time!! That's actually because I made those with the left-overs, and the only things remaining for me to eat this week (-_-')
In both: corn, veggies mix, and tabbouleh (some kind of north african dish), and "tako"-sausages.
There's a mix of japanese crackers, and a mochi in both.
Then, one has a chocolate pudding, the other one has some candies.
 Those candies are from a well-known box. If you've seen "Graves of fireflies" you'll understand (^_^)
And finally, rice with sliced nori and sesame seeds.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big set!

Today, I made two bento for both lunch and dinner!
Using simple ingredients such as salad, corn and french endive (with sesame seeds)

The small recipients are for different dressing.

Then you have the dessert made of cookies, mango pudding or coconut balls.

This time, I also added something new!!
I finally tried Tamagoyaki!
Those are omelette rolls, more or less. The difference is what you put inside.

At first, I added a bit of soy sauce and ginger powder to the egg.
You cook half of it and roll it up before it's all cooked up,
you let it in the fry pan and add the other half of the mixture.
For mine I put nori on top.
Then you roll the previous one over the new omelette to make one big roll
(always before it's all cooked)

My fry pan was round, so it was a bit hard to manipulate and you have to think of cutting the nori before-hand so it will fit the pan.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's :

Let's welcome RAMEN!!!
I can use it for the first time with what I have now! Which is a bento that can go in the microwave, and a cup (for the soup... because it might spill if you let it with the noodles)
And, NO, the noodles don't dry up!! (^_^) (unless you leave it for a long time).
Mine stayed in the fridge over night and it was okay for lunch.

We also have the come back of Mochi and japanese cookies!! (I used to take Koala's March, but I came across bears this time)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Japan Expo Bento!!!

Following the previous post, here are the bento we made with a friend for Japan Expo.

As I said it's really crowded, so to get to eat at any food stand, you'll have to wait and wait and wait and wait... so it's easier sometimes to bring your own food. (even though there's no place to sit...)

So like everybody else, you go sit on the floor at the end of the exhibit, and eat.

Here we had a little cup with japanese crackers, 2 heart-shaped onigiri, sausages, carots, tomatoes... and cakes, cookies and pineapples for dessert.

Simple and refreshing!

JAPAN EXPO 2011!!!

 Last week-end was Japan Expo in Paris!

For those who don't know what it is, it is a HUGE convention, lasting for 4 days, with a lot of artists' exposition, concerts, signing sessions from artists, show cases, cosplay competition, a lot to see and to buy too! (^_^)

 The place is actually crowded (especially on the saturday) but this is really fun!
There you can all kind of things you can't in your hometown, and buy things you sometimes even can't find on the internet.

This is a big display of the japanese culture and really entertaining for anyone, japan-lovers or not!

See you there next time ^^

Working Bento

As I'll be working all summer, I really can make bento for everyday!!

Lately it looks like this:
pasta and a salad mix
For the little pizza-like:
take dough and cut shapes in it. Then cover it with sour cream and ham, and put it in the oven. Very Simple ^^