Friday, January 27, 2012


So, I'm definitely not regular on my posts... actually I'm not regular at all on making bento!!

Lately I discovered the futomaki and those with designs inside!
So, I decided I'll try! One that seemed easy to me: the flower!

1. You need to color some rice for the flower's heart and the petals.   I used classics yellow and pink.
2. You need to make a small roll with the yellow and 5 petals: just squeeze the nori around the pink rice without closing it.  
3. When you're done with it, you need to put 3 petals in the center, hold the maki to tighten around the flower; then you can put on top the flowers' heart and the last petals. Now you can roll it normally!

So, my flower turned out... not a flower... but at least now I see how it goes!
I think next time, I'll try with other things than just rice (this was just a try out...)

So here's the bento!!

Three pieces of the futomaki will make you full!
But as I can't miss on dessert, here are the mango pieces and the baby donuts!