Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decotte Pocky!!

If you have a creative mind, you definitly will love this post!!!

You know what pocky are! Now, you can decorate them!!!!

You need the trays. It's a bit long first when you have the melted chocolate, sticking the pocky together (tray on the far right), filling the shapes (tray in the middle) and then using the last one for decorations. Be sure to use chocolate for cooking not any kind of regular one!
Then the funniest part (after a few hours in the fridge so you can take the trays off) !!
Decorate with anything you want: candies, cake decorations, food pen...
You juste need heated chocolate to stuck things on the pocky!
The results are simply cute!!!
Everyone LOVES it!!!

Back to the classics

I haven't used my rilakkuma bento in a while!

I have used the tamago shapers, lettuce, chinese coconuts moon cake, and onigiri filled with fish pieces! (smash it so it looks like tuna! easier to make the onigiri) The rilakkuma one is a perfect size for kids!! (^_^)
Those two are bigger but still cute. Using the same kind of ingredients, it suits more adults as there's more rice to get your stomach full!

English Bento

As a matter of fact, I have two bento to present in this post!

The first one is a regular one, if we shall say... ^^

Spaghetti mixed with soy beans and beef pieces marinated in soy sauce!!
Desserts are mochi and pudding! There's also some sliced carrots to have a sense of summer.
I also found Calpis (カルピス) in a nearby store to accompagny the bento!!

The next one has more of an English feeling to it!
This one has to be eaten hot!!!

Bacon (of course!), on tomatoes stuffed with onion, carrots and pineapple (which had been cooked right after the bacon), and an omelette!! I made it the same as you'd do a tamago yaki, but I stuffed it with onion. And yogurt with sliced apples as the dessert.


Here comes the REAL futomaki!!! I tried to make some by hands in my previous post. It didn't turned out so good... SO I decided to buy a futomaki maker:

Called FUTOMAKI MAKKI by BANDAI. You can buy some at Strapya World!

It's all in japanese but not hard to understand thanks to the drawing, and really easy to use (after 1 or 2 try though... you need to get used to it first)

Here's the result:
 I wanted to make a bear...... I didn't realized I put the face wrong so it's totally disconnected with the ears. BUT it turned out better than making it by hand!

Here I tried heart shaped and flower with the maker. Now compare with the "by hands" and see the difference (^.^)

Friday, January 27, 2012


So, I'm definitely not regular on my posts... actually I'm not regular at all on making bento!!

Lately I discovered the futomaki and those with designs inside!
So, I decided I'll try! One that seemed easy to me: the flower!

1. You need to color some rice for the flower's heart and the petals.   I used classics yellow and pink.
2. You need to make a small roll with the yellow and 5 petals: just squeeze the nori around the pink rice without closing it.  
3. When you're done with it, you need to put 3 petals in the center, hold the maki to tighten around the flower; then you can put on top the flowers' heart and the last petals. Now you can roll it normally!

So, my flower turned out... not a flower... but at least now I see how it goes!
I think next time, I'll try with other things than just rice (this was just a try out...)

So here's the bento!!

Three pieces of the futomaki will make you full!
But as I can't miss on dessert, here are the mango pieces and the baby donuts!