Saturday, April 30, 2011

1 in 2!!

 So this time I made 2 out of 1!! And not 2 in 1 \(^o^)/
Meaning: with one ingredient at a time, I used the left-overs to make a second bento.

Main dish:
- beef
- corn
- mixed salad
- star-shaped cheese for the big one
- fish-bottle for the dressing

- home-made chocolates
- pistacchio pudding
  - cake with almond paste and sugar stars
- fruits pieces

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Style

So for Easter, even though I'm a little late to post, I tried to make a special!

So here it is:

 Main dish:
- corn on 1/3
- salad on the other 2/3
- pink onigiri shaped as a bunny with sesam seeds
- a square-cut cheese, and butterfly shape cut

- pink onigiri shaped as a bear with coconut
- Easter's colored sugar eggs
- raspberry pudding

Offered to you by the little Easter Bunny (^_^)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Refreshing feeling

I just finished my last one.
As I said on the previous post, I got inspired by the cookbook (^.^)

Looking on the ingredients I have in my kitchen (which is actually close to nothing...)
I managed a colorful bento:

Main dish:
- blue rice (with food coloring in the cooking water)
- peas (boiled)
- tuna with mayo


As usual, pudding!!(told you my fridge is empty...)
I made two kinds for the fun of the colors and the taste! Raspberry and coconut!!!

In all, it took me about 30 minutes to do it all!

Fast lunch

A few days ago, I needed to prepare a lunch that would be very fast to eat, as I wouldn't get much time for my lunch break.

As I bought a "bento kit" lately, with a bento (of course), a cookbook, and several kitchen tools.
It included the one for making rice rolls (for sushi).
 Here's my result. I mixed the rice with salt and sesame seeds (so it will be a bit tasty) and a bit of mixed salad.

For this time, I didn't get the chance to make a dessert 

It IS simple, but it is good when you have a 15minutes-break!
Next time, I'll try making a full bento, inspiring me with the cookbook(^_^)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ほし !!!!!

You can easily guess what I was going for this time (^_^)

I figured I had a lot of star-shaped cooking stuff, so I decided it would be the theme of my next bento!!

 So here is my colorful starry sky bento:

-  pudding with an almond paste's star and sugar stars on top
- blue and pink cakes  
(blue made with a coconut flavored yogurt, and pink with a lemon one)
- pop-corn/meteor shower


Main dish:
- lettuce at the bottom
- star-shaped egg
- cheese and ham sandwich
- pink onigiri (shaped with the staゆで たま)
(as seen on the Usa-chan Rice & Tri-dessert post)

Looks really cheerful to me

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Lately, I've been trying to find new desserts (easy of course) that I could make.
I came again across the pudding road.

This time, it's pistachio!
Boil milk, mix the powder, put in a recipient!
Easy enough for me, and really good!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ジェラシー ^^

I prepared this one thinking of making my friends jealous tomorrow that they will again have sandwich to eat... but not me (^_^)

Main dish:
- chicken cooked with paprika
- lettuce
- shaped cheese
- plus the dressing in the bottle

- pistachio pudding
- heart-shaped almond paste

Usa-chan Rice & Tri-dessert

It has been a while since I made ゆで たま!!!
and as I didn't want to make a "normal" onigiri that wouldn't fit in the bento (as they usually do because I always make them way too bigI decided to combine both!!

So the usagi/rice you can see were first prepared just like a normal onigiri, then placed in a bag (so that the rice wouldn't stuck to the yudetama mold) and shaped-up in the mold. Pretty easy huh? 

Main dish:
- lettuce
- shaped ham and cheese (the way you like)
- the usa-chan rice
chocolate hearts
- pistachio pudding
- pineapple