Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today's a special pack (^o^) there is 2 of them!!!!
(that's actually because they're almost the same...)

Here they are:

 Main dish:
- lettuce in the bottom (that you can't see)
- sliced cucumber
- cut cheese and ham
- cherry tomato and pickles for one of them

- pineapple
- On the left:
  - blue cake with a flower shaped almond paste and sugar stars
- On the right:
  - chocolate pudding with sugar stars


Friday, March 25, 2011

Ocean scent

When I went shopping yesterday, the first item on my list was food coloring!!

 It is actually really easy to color food!

For pasta: color the water before cooking!
Here the water was deep blue, but as the pasta are slightly yellow, it turned out more green... however, with the omelette it look just fine!

For the omelette: color the egg when you mix it up. Then you can cook it the normal way.

The colors make me think of the ocean bottom

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My masterpiece (^_^)

This time, I will put the picture in BIG,
because I really think of that one as a masterpiece!
(well... for now)
Main dish:                                                                                       Dessert:
- cucumber                                                                                     - 2 sweet rice balls
- chicken pieces                                                                              - chocolate pudding with small tapioca

I marinated the chicken a bit in soy sauce                                         I tried to color the rice by cooking it in
Then added curry powder during the cooking time                           syrup. Didn't work.
                                                                                                       So I used some food coloring at the

One of my friend said I was a "bento-freak" for getting so many (yes, this one is the 5th one...)
But that one is an exception, as I really had a crush on it when I first saw it, but for some reason, didn't get it at that time...
I can't wait to use it more!!

A double...

As I said before, I promised a friend to make her a bento
I finally did and here's the final product!!

It looks small, but we were actually pretty full!

Main dish:
- Tuna/mayo onigiri
- corn
- beansprouts
- octopus and bunny shaped sausages

- cake
- rice pudding
- candies

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stop by and comment

There's a lot of people stopping by, either it might be by coincidence, either because they looked up for bentô.

I am trying my best to make short posts and keeping it interesting, so my blog won't be annoying and tiring to read!

Please, check it up, and leave me comments (^_^)


Not so long ago, I bought shaped silicone rubbers for fry-pans!!!
I used it right away, so here's what you can have out of it

These can be use for omelette, pancakes, crepes... well almost anything made out of egg... basically...

Using left-overs

I found a nice way to use the left-over crusts from the sando panda.
It is kind of like garlic bread (^_^)

Here's how I make it:

- melt butter in the fry-pan
- put in some garlic (you can find it as garlic salt)
- put the crust in (cut in small pieces beforehand)
- let the bread fry a bit
- add again some garlic salt over the bread
- be careful not to let it burn
It is better hot, and not really good (in my taste) with any sauce

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting again

I got myself some nori! Then I have been able to make an authentic onigiri!
Look by yourself:

Main dish:
- onigiri filled with tuna
- chicken/paprika
- corn with mayo

- heart-shaped almond paste
- pocky (^_^)
- marmalade

Of course, you can do whatever shape you want with the almond paste O(≧∇≦)O

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thoughts to Japan

According to the catastrophy going on in Japan, and as there is nothing I can do from here,
all my support goes toward the Japanese people.
I hope for missing persons to be rescued,
and for the situation to recover
Their nation needs our thoughts, prayers, helps
more than ever

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to the BIG!!!

When I feel like I'll be really hungry... I use my biggest bento...
And until now, I've never been disappointed in those cases (^_^)

To put it simply here:

Main dish:
- Half is carrots roughly cut
- the other half is beansprouts with an omelet/scrambled egg (cooked and mixed)
- star shaped chocolate
- marmalade

I've done the chocolate myself.
Really simple: melt the chocolate in a bowl and then put it in a shaped(or not)cup. Be sure it would fit in the bento though!
you can add coconut, marshmallow, or whatever you feel like having!
However, if you can, try not to do your chocolate too thick... it will be hard to eat!

Practice! (^_^)

Lately, I promised a friend I would make a bento for both her and me for the next day we won't have much time to eat.
Therefore, I am practicing some, to be sure she'll enjoy it!

Main dish:
- shaped-egg クマ cut in half to have 2 faces appearing
- sliced cucumber (under the egg)
- pasta/corn mix with mayo
- 2 ケーキ (cakes)
- rice pudding

For the cakes, I just used a normal cake recipe, but put it in separate cups so I won't have big sliced.

For the rice pudding, I used the microwave (as I didn't have enough room neither enough saucepan...

So, I boiled the milk in a bowl (be careful not to let it overflow) then put the rice in, and waited for the rice to absorb the milk. Mix it from time to time, then boil it again, mix, boil, mix... until the rice has absorbed it and is totally soft! (you can add some water too)
Be sure there's enough milk for it won't dry up, but not too much!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the mood for vietnamese food

I went to the grocery store lately, and felt like having some spring rolls (long time since I had some)

To put it in your bento, the idea is to use some lettuce to make a bed and put your spring rolls on top
(I had to cut mine to fit the bento box, but that would depend on your bento box's size)

Then, the dessert used half a bread slice for one sandwich, to make really small ones (again, that would fit the bento box)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

おいしいそう \(^o^)/ 2

Fresh and easy!!

Main dish:
- sliced carrots
- mixed salad of beansprouts and corn
- onigiri stuffed with tuna/mayo and a few sesame seeds

- two little cheese pieces
- sliced banana
- pentagonal-shape jam sandwich

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

おいしいそう \(^o^)/

Doesn't it look good?

I made it in the middle of the afternoon the other day, took me about 40minutes, if I count the rice and sausage cooking time, the tuna/mayo preparation, and peeling the orange too... (which I am not really good at...)

Main dish:
- beansprouts (as a bed for the sausages)
- sausages (I cut them to make it looks like an octopus, a penguin and 2 crabs... I'll do better next time)
- corn
- two small onigiri with tuna/mayo and rolled in sesame seeds (yeah, I've kinda into making onigiri)

Dessert is same as ever:
- orange quarters
- 2 small triangle sandwiches made with with the Sando Panda

I think it looks almost like a real japanese bento
I'm quite satisfied of this one

 If you know what can make a nice dessert, keep me posted


It has been going for a month or so.
Some bookshop were offering collector items if you'd buy 2 manga per items.

2 BL Bento and a thermos

I spent a whole day looking in every bookstore in my big city, but they were all out of stocks.
The reason? the offer was going on for a month, and I've heard of it really late.
So, I gave up trying to find them.
But last week, I was doing some shopping with a friend, and as we got tired of clothing (yes, some girls do) we went in another type of shop.

And there there were! I got so excited to finally find them, and a whole lot!!!!
Plus, I got lucky because it was supposed to be a special type of manga to chose from. But the shop assistant told me it was any manga I wanted, but 2 per items.

So, I'm gonna take advantage of this post to promote the serie "Deadman Wonderland"
 (it's a bit bloody though... not for anyone. But really captivating) and the serie "Sugar Sugar Rune" (mostly for girls. But it's a cute story)

I hope to make おいしい bento & drinks with it!!