Thursday, March 10, 2011

Practice! (^_^)

Lately, I promised a friend I would make a bento for both her and me for the next day we won't have much time to eat.
Therefore, I am practicing some, to be sure she'll enjoy it!

Main dish:
- shaped-egg クマ cut in half to have 2 faces appearing
- sliced cucumber (under the egg)
- pasta/corn mix with mayo
- 2 ケーキ (cakes)
- rice pudding

For the cakes, I just used a normal cake recipe, but put it in separate cups so I won't have big sliced.

For the rice pudding, I used the microwave (as I didn't have enough room neither enough saucepan...

So, I boiled the milk in a bowl (be careful not to let it overflow) then put the rice in, and waited for the rice to absorb the milk. Mix it from time to time, then boil it again, mix, boil, mix... until the rice has absorbed it and is totally soft! (you can add some water too)
Be sure there's enough milk for it won't dry up, but not too much!

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