Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It has been going for a month or so.
Some bookshop were offering collector items if you'd buy 2 manga per items.

2 BL Bento and a thermos

I spent a whole day looking in every bookstore in my big city, but they were all out of stocks.
The reason? the offer was going on for a month, and I've heard of it really late.
So, I gave up trying to find them.
But last week, I was doing some shopping with a friend, and as we got tired of clothing (yes, some girls do) we went in another type of shop.

And there there were! I got so excited to finally find them, and a whole lot!!!!
Plus, I got lucky because it was supposed to be a special type of manga to chose from. But the shop assistant told me it was any manga I wanted, but 2 per items.

So, I'm gonna take advantage of this post to promote the serie "Deadman Wonderland"
 (it's a bit bloody though... not for anyone. But really captivating) and the serie "Sugar Sugar Rune" (mostly for girls. But it's a cute story)

I hope to make おいしい bento & drinks with it!!

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