Sunday, March 18, 2012

English Bento

As a matter of fact, I have two bento to present in this post!

The first one is a regular one, if we shall say... ^^

Spaghetti mixed with soy beans and beef pieces marinated in soy sauce!!
Desserts are mochi and pudding! There's also some sliced carrots to have a sense of summer.
I also found Calpis (カルピス) in a nearby store to accompagny the bento!!

The next one has more of an English feeling to it!
This one has to be eaten hot!!!

Bacon (of course!), on tomatoes stuffed with onion, carrots and pineapple (which had been cooked right after the bacon), and an omelette!! I made it the same as you'd do a tamago yaki, but I stuffed it with onion. And yogurt with sliced apples as the dessert.

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