Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying to make it look better

After cleaning out the chinese store next door, and checking on my left-overs, I came up with this bento:
- spicy sausage cut in pieces
- pasta with tomato sauce
- carrots
- cucumber
- corn
- cherry tomatoes
- red berries
And for the chinese things:
- cookies called "コアラのマーチ" (Koala's march)
- coconut balls

 To put colors in a bento, my favorite ingredients are
cucumber, carrots, corn and cherry tomatoes.
+ they're healthy!!!

The hard part is usually finding the dessert
(especially if you are like me and like sweets)
I recommend fruits, especially orange that can be put in quarters
Apples are not the best as they darken

If you eat with HASHI, be sure you can hold the fruits
(for example, bananas are sticky BUT they tend to 'crush')

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