Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~All day long~

For today, I made a special "ALL DAY LONG"! 
It is made of a bento for lunch and a snack!
(plus a drink of course!)

For the snack, I used the dessert left-over and put it in the little Sando-Panda box

The dessert:
- small chocolates buns (three in total; 1 in the bento, 2 for the snack)
- baby cakes: I prepared two colored preparations for cakes, and used small molds (of course, adapt the cooking time to the size, or it may burn)

Main dish:
- baby carrots
- lettuce
- cheese !!!!

I figured that the bento is quite small, so the snack box is a must-have sometimes

Or you can use it as the real dessert, and use the full bento for lunch

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