Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big set!

Today, I made two bento for both lunch and dinner!
Using simple ingredients such as salad, corn and french endive (with sesame seeds)

The small recipients are for different dressing.

Then you have the dessert made of cookies, mango pudding or coconut balls.

This time, I also added something new!!
I finally tried Tamagoyaki!
Those are omelette rolls, more or less. The difference is what you put inside.

At first, I added a bit of soy sauce and ginger powder to the egg.
You cook half of it and roll it up before it's all cooked up,
you let it in the fry pan and add the other half of the mixture.
For mine I put nori on top.
Then you roll the previous one over the new omelette to make one big roll
(always before it's all cooked)

My fry pan was round, so it was a bit hard to manipulate and you have to think of cutting the nori before-hand so it will fit the pan.


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